API Development

It would be useful to build integrations for 3rd party software like CRM and other tools, for now the API is very much MVP. Future development could consider the following:

  1. API key verification (Simple /hello endpoint that would reply 2XX if key is valid, 4XX if API key is wrong)

  2. Creating webhooks via API calls (often required when integrating with CRM or automation platforms like Make.com / Zapier)

  3. Bulk Campaigns via API with support to distribute the queue between multiple SIM/numbers (specify array of phone numbers in "from" field). Personalization of messages with %tokens%.

  4. Endpoint to list all available/online SIM/numbers.

The list would probably go on, but these would be some of the bare basics to get started with integrations which are crucial for any successful service nowadays.

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3 months ago


Lasse Soininen

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